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"Nanoassemblers? Don't worry too much."

Eric Drexler and Chris Phoenix point out in recent article for the IoP journal "Nanotechnology" that all the speculations about "grey goo" scenarios caused by out-of-control nanoassemblers might be greatly exaggerated. They emphasize that nanoassemblers are not necessary for molecular manufacturing, and that therefore, accidents caused by run-away assemblers are less likely than originally speculated. There is, however, still a prospect of nanoassembler use for military or terrorist purposes ("black goo").


  • I heard a comment that Drexler et al. only made this statement out of commercial reasons, not because they really believe it. If nanotech carries the public perception that it's dangerous, research won't get funded. If nanotech carries the public perception that terrorists might use it, it does get funded.

    (ex of Munich Futurists)

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