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Back from MSN Spaces

I'm switching back to from MSN Spaces... As much as I like the idea of a blogging site + engine provided by my employer, the content filter which is used at MSN Spaces for blog entries really, really s*cks. Recently I tried to post a completely innocent short notice on the foundation of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University, but MSN Spaces wouldn't let me, claiming that I had used "forbidden" expressions. It did not even tell me what they were, so I didn't have a chance to remove anything that seemed annoying. In the end, I couldn't post, which made me very angry, and I decided to give up MSN Spaces.


3 Laws Unsafe - Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics & I, Robot

With the Jul 16th release of the I, Robot movie, SIAI (the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence) launches a new web site,
3 Laws Unsafe - Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics & I, Robot, which is intended to critically discuss the validity of Asimov's famous 3 laws of robotics.


IBM Scientists Make Breakthrough in Nanoscale Imaging

IBM researchers detect individual electron spins using magnetic resonance force microscopy (see

Lifestyle causes myopia, not genes

So take those books & computers away from your kids - they harm their eyes :-)

See here for details.

Hawking has a new theory on black holes?

Looks like Stephen Hawking has come up with a new explanation for a long standing paradox related to the fact that black holes, according to quantum physics, cannot completely wipe out all the information within that they aggregate from matter they captured, which is in contrast to present black hole theory. See this
New Scientist article for more information.


Electronic Paper Resolution reaches 400ppi

See this news. It#s about time we get rid of those LCD screens... :-)

"Nanoassemblers? Don't worry too much."

Eric Drexler and Chris Phoenix point out in recent article for the IoP journal "Nanotechnology" that all the speculations about "grey goo" scenarios caused by out-of-control nanoassemblers might be greatly exaggerated. They emphasize that nanoassemblers are not necessary for molecular manufacturing, and that therefore, accidents caused by run-away assemblers are less likely than originally speculated. There is, however, still a prospect of nanoassembler use for military or terrorist purposes ("black goo").


Personal Blog Created

Just created this blog to post more personal/philosophical/scientific/... views/ideas/... - for stuff related to my job (developer evangelist @ Microsoft) see my other blog at